10 Jan 2019

Dear NFF Users,

Please be informed that the upcoming NFF in-house training course will be held on January 21 (Monday) & 24 (Thursday), 2019 at room No. 3598, lifts 27-28.  This training course is to provide users and potential users some knowledge for various process modules and equipment capabilities in the NFF.

Please find the topics of two sessions of the training course as below.  Please confirm your attendance by registration via the link(s) below before 18 January 2019, 5:30pm.  Thank you.

Session 1 (Jan. 21 2019, 14:30-17:00) (conducted by Dr. Shuyun Zhao)

-     Brief introduction to cleanroom

-     Film depositiion/growth

-     Photolithography and mask making

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/sO8N1RM86vKEDu1x2

Session 2 (Jan. 24 2019, 14:30-17:00) (conducted by Dr. Shuyun Zhao)

-     Wet & dry etch

-     Doping & activation

-     Wafer thinning & polishing

-     Electroplating

Registratin: https://goo.gl/forms/ex92ELnwokyHILb22

Should you have any enquiry, please contact Dr. Zhao by email: nfshuyun@ust.hk or phone No. 2358-7212.  Thank you.


Terry Lam/NFF